Govt. of India’s regard towards vehicle insurance on pillion riders meeting fatal accidents

POSTED BY sushant2675 ON September 6, 2014 6:40 pm NO COMMENTS

Hi, Is there a regard by Govt. of India(as they were told) towards death of pillion (vehicle not belonging to him and was just travelling in the vehicle) (car/bike) rider with regards to vehicle accident. One of my cousin\’s husband expired in such. The vehicle insurance has been paid but they have undergone an ordeal of 3 hearings (over a period of approx 1.5 years) till now with respect to death of pillion for which they have paid 20K and with the obligation that additional 3% of the realization will be paid to the lawyer if it gets through.

Is this okay?

One more (they say final as once before) hearing is pending and the cross questioning in these proceeds is rather painful. I have no idea about it so was in need of an informed opinion. The insurance was with Oriental Insurance. Thanks

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