Gotchas in Buying a New Car

POSTED BY Akram Chotu ON September 28, 2011 6:39 pm ONE COMMENT

Due to some health problems I want to buy a New Car for commuting to Work. After finalizing the models, I have to choose between Hyundai i10 Petrol and Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol:

Kindly request you to clarify below:


  1. what the Gotchas in purchasing a New Car? Are there any checklists of things that I need to take care before buying New Car so that in the end I get good price for my new car? Request you to share your real-world experiences.
  2. I can make use of Corporate benefits (like reduction in interest rate, discount in loan-processing-fees etc.) and get discounts. In this context, any more things that I need to think upon?
  3. What the banks that offer me the best interest rates for buying new car even though I do not have a Corporate Savings Salary account with them or altogether do not have an savings account with them?

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  1. Ravindranath Tiwari says:

    We Indians are particular about the following while buying a new car:

    1. reliability of the car i.e. technical specifications vis-a-vis the price and the car co.
    2. good service network
    3. easy availability and low cost of spares
    4. Mileage
    5. all the four above then determine the resale value of the car which is the last point to be considered.

    You have made a good choice – Both i10 and Swift are very good cars. Swift is marginally better but has a very long waiting period. If your requirement is immediate you may go in for i10. I will also advise you to check out the comparison on the site of “team bhp” who have given very good reviews of recently launched cars plus comparisons.

    All the best to you and happy and safe driving

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