Good options for health, CI and road accident policies

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Could you also suggest some good options for Road accident, CI and health insurance policies? I have heard about Oriental Insurance’s Nagrik Suraksha road accident policy from Mr.Manish but the people at their offices in my city are not very helpful.

Thanks and regards,

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  1. suhas prabhu says:

    Dear Ashal Jauhari, i am marine engineer aged 33,wanting a personal accident policy for a sum of 1 crore.I dont have I.T returns,but i do have contract letters along with more than 7 years of sailing experience.Please suggest me suitable options.Already having 50l polcicy(jeevan tarang),15l family floater ( religare care)…please advisce…thanx
    suhas prabhu

  2. Arun says:

    Hello Guys,

    I have a doubt and need some clarity. Does Life insurance or health insurance covers road accidents ?

    Please do let me know ..

    1. Dear Arun, Yes in case of road accident, In case you are injured but survived, the health insurance ‘ll provide the cover. In case you died, the life insurance ‘ll provide the sum assured.



  3. JAGDEEP says:

    hi ashal thnx bt will u plz explain me why bajaj ??? is any best things in tht ???
    plz wht wil be the prem. abt critical and personal accident……….

    wht will be the best amount 4 tht ??? PA- 10-15 LAC CI- 10LAC

    is it sufficient 4 me ???

    1. Dear Jagdeep, based upon the prem. some additional features & above all claim settlement ratio, Bajaj is better. 10L figure is sufficient for you or not, ‘ll be your personal call.

      For prem. details for your cover, please visit co’s site.



  4. JAGDEEP says:

    Hi this is Jagdeep
    I am also looking for personal Accident policy and critical insurance policy

    please tell me which company should i take

    Apollo – Bajaj – govt. setors companies

    1. Hi Jagdeep, please opt Bajaj for your requirements.



  5. Dear Gaurav, for PAP, Bajaj policy is a bit better than others. For CI, please opt the insurer from where you are purchasing your health plan.



  6. Kunal Roy says:

    Hi there

    I can suggest you what i purchased after a some research –

    Accidental policy – Apollo munich – it pays 125% of the insured amount in case of total disability. and have clear terms.

    CI – ICICI lombard is good but i took the policy clubbed with my Kotak preferred term life insurance. The premium was cheaper that ways but it is not a standalone policy.

    Health Insurance -Depends on what you want convenience or less premiums. Conevenience wise -Max Bupa is the best with apollo munich on 2nd.
    If you are looking for less premiums then need to go with National or oriental insurance

    These are my opinions….

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