Good Large cap equity diversified fund

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    I have already invested Rs. 1000/- each in HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity. I want to invest another Rs. 2000/- p.m in a good large cap equity diversified fund. I shortlisted DSP Top 100 and BSL Frontline Equity -Plan A , but I am not satisfied with their recent performances. Could you suggest another good fund???????

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  1. kundan kumar singh says:

    i am investing in hdfc equity, hdfc mid cap opportunity & hdfc prudence rs. 1000 p.m. suggest me one more the best fund to invest rs. 2000. how much i’ll earn after 16 yrs.

    1. Dear Kundan, if the 3 mentioned funds can’t do it for you, adding more fund ‘ll not do it for you. In my opinion, Please continue with existing funds & increase the SIP amount in HDFC eq.



  2. You can also look at Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity & IDFC Premier Equity Fund.

    Hope it will help you.

  3. rakesh says:

    Both these funds are very good, Don’t look at their recent performance. Do a comparison for over 5 years and you will see they both have performed very well. In fact Manish had done an article on “Best Equity Diverisified Funds” and these both figured in it.


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