Good health insurance for family

POSTED BY Sunil Kumar ON January 20, 2013 8:00 pm COMMENTS (6)

Dear Team,

Thinking of taking Health Insurance,, the one by name, “Family First Silver”

Please share your pros and cons and any other better policy and recommendations.


Sunil Kumar

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  1. healthinsuranceshoppe says:

    When you decide about health insurance policy, its important to go through following factors.

    Loading in case of a claim is not a bad option. I am surprised, why such experienced person recommend going against it, though it is an actuarial rule in general insurance. If a company does not apply loading, there will be huge increase in premium in future for all policy holders. Just being three years in operation, Apollo Munich did a 10% premium hike (Loading) on all policy holders.

    Dear bloggers, you must not ignore the importance of loading.

  2. Sunil Kumar says:

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

  3. Dear Sunil, please do check Oriental happy family floater as well as Apollo’s family floater also. As rightly pointed out by dear FFC, the selection of health policy is a very personal thing & some one’s own experience may not be same for other one.



  4. Deepthy says:

    Did a scouting around for a good insurance policy recently and found the recommendation#1 is to take medical insurance from pure medical insurance companies only and not life insurance companies / bank etc (who give a one time lumpsum than a lifelong med insurance).

    Some key factors to note are in a policy are seems to be that the company gives you lifelong renewal of the policy, there’s no Copay clause, there’s no treatment wise limits, has cashless hospitalization and not some sort of daily cash benefit (different from Roomrent limits, which are far better). Also understand how premiums change for you/family over the years to make a long term decision wrt policy option. Check for Pre and Post Hospitalization benefits, if there are No Claim Bonus or Discount. Make sure there is no loading on premium due to your Claims History. Check what are the applicable waiting periods for specific illnesses and also for pre-existing illnesses. Some policies liek Max Bupa Heart Silver, Apollo Munich Easy Health has some of these.

    In my case, I narrowed down on one policy as it offered the much need insurance portability from group insurance that I had at my company to an individual health insurance for myself. Your highest priority might be something else & hence not naming a single policy.

    There are some attractive offers like Multiplier option (where sum insured is multiplied by 50%, say, for every non claim year etc), Restore option (where entire sum insured is available for use again even if in a bad year, say, you exhaust it once). For e.g. Apollo Munich Optima Restore has both these, at slightly extra premium. See if you want to go all the way for it.

    Finally suggest that you do a thorough research at,, etc and dig out the features that appeal to you most, prioritize the features as per your need, rank the policies as per the features and take an informed decision.

    1. ravina says:

      hi Deepthy,
      just needed a clarification about ur statement ” I narrowed down on one policy as it offered the much need insurance portability from group insurance that I had at my company to an individual health insurance for myself. ” is this after u leave ur company (post retirement).and how does this work?

  5. The answer depends on for how many people you are taking the policy. You need to see if the exclusions will affect your family:

    Pre existing diseases will not be covered for the first 4 policy years given there has been continuous renewal from the policy start date

    Only 80% payment made by company for individuals aged 65 yrs or above

    The waiting period for specific conditions in people above 60 years age will be 24 months

    If I am not wrong Max Bupa has no loading (no increase in premium if you claim) but premium will increase each yea for the same cover.

    This is okay if you have people who have people who get hospitalized often. If not I am not sure it is a good idea.

    You need to see what the sub-limits on room rent and ICU etc. are. (no sub-limits means premium will be higher!)

    Recommendations in the case of heath insurance is difficult as one persons history of claim is very specific to their disease and we cannot rely on it to make a decision.

    Use a portal like policy baazar to compare policies and choose one that suits you.

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