Good CIBIL report with credit score over 800 Vs No CIBIL report

POSTED BY Yogesh Pandey ON August 27, 2012 6:24 pm COMMENTS (4)

Which case is more prefered by Bank for Loan approval?

Case-1: Ram is having credit card with past loan history but he has got good CIBIL report with credit score say 800. 

Case-2: Shyam don’t have credit cards/loans & he doesn’t feel need of credit card but having decent transaction history in last few years with debit card, net banking etc.

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  1. Yogesh Pandey says:

    Many thanks dear Manish and Ashal for your expert opion to explain both the cases.


    1. Dear Yogesh, you are always welcome. Please feel free to post your queries.



  2. Dear Yogesh, for the given situation, in case 1, the decision of granting a new loan to Ram is an easy choice for the banker. In case 2, the banker ‘ll try to look for more info before sanctioning the loan to Shyam.

    As dear Manish pointed out, having a good score is better than no score at all.



  3. Case 1 , is obviously better than case 2 in every situation you can imagine . I think you thought that have a loan in past is a negative thing . No its not like that. If you have a loan in past and you have repaid in time, that shows that you are trustworthy ! .

    Case 2 on the other hand shows that you have no history and hence there cant be any decision which can be taken based on your information .


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