Gold ETFs or Buying gold in daily SIPs?

POSTED BY Sunny Gandhi ON December 3, 2012 4:15 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Manish and forum readers,

I was planning to invest in Gold ETFs after understanding the basics on your forum. However, I just came acorss an article today where they mention this plan from Reliance capital where you need to pay a monthly SIP and they buy gold in small units on a daily basis (20 working days) to benefit from averaging. Here is the link with more details for the same:

Can you let me know which one would be a better option to invest in?

Many thanks


2 replies on this article “Gold ETFs or Buying gold in daily SIPs?”

  1. Sunny Gandhi says:

    Thanks for your reply..

    I have a diversified portfolio into now plan to add around 10% of my allocation into Gold. After reading many articles in this blog I came to know that ETFs are the best way to invest in Gold.


  2. If you must buy gold then ETF is the way to go. This one from Reliance seems like a glorified jewelers scheme with a lock-in and complex fee structure.

    I dont see the need for a daily sip.
    invest when gold prices fall each month and hold long enough to see gains.

    Do you need to invest in gold and why is something you need to be clear about.

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