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Hello all Experts,

I want to know about Gold Bees.  I have purchased them today. How good are they for long term. And is it compulsory to buy them every month like sip. I am looking for long term goal.

Thanks in advance:)




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    Thanks brother for quick reply, 8-10% are fine for me..can they pay effective return in 2-3 years?? I not in hurry , i just want to create my capital 🙂

    Thanks again for your precious time.

    Gaurav Shah

    1. There is nothing like “they paying” . It all depends on price of gold . how it moves . If it moves up you get positive return else negative .


  2. Gaurav

    First you need to ask yourself how much is your return expectation from it . If your exposure to it is 5-10% , then just continue with it


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    Hi Manish,

    Thank you very much. Please advice what should i do now.. Hold it..or let it go.. I have total four of it..

  4. Gaurav

    They are gold ETF’s , have a limited exposure to gold unless you really understand its working .

    Never buy something without first understanding how it works and how it can impact you , like you did in gold bees


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