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POSTED BY chendan kiran ON March 20, 2013 10:52 am COMMENTS (4)

Hi Team,

I am new to this Forum, plz suggest me any good way to generate more income

& also i would like to know if it is Good to invest in SIP. which SIP is best to invest

i will be able to invest around 1000-2000rs monthly in any good scheme for 10-15 hrs

infact i also invested in network marketing(RMP, Goldntrade) total loss

kindly suggest is there is any good way to generate some extra income to have 





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  1. Dear Chandan, please start from the oldest post in the forum.



  2. Dear Chendan, please do not invest a single Rupee from your hard earned money as of now. First of all please invest your time to read past discussions. Once you are gone though some discussions at least 500 to 1000, your thought process ‘ll be very much clear & in all probability you ‘ll be able to pick on your own what’s good for you.



    1. chendan kiran says:

      Hi Ashal, Thanks for your reply, surely i will go through the older post
      plz suggest me where to start, bit confused in the forum,
      if u can share me the link

      1. Ashish says:

        Dear Chendan, I think first you should know why you want to invest (your goal) and then start reading.

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