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POSTED BY anil kumar ON January 13, 2013 7:43 pm COMMENTS (3)

1. what to do after investment term (say in elss or other mutual fund) is complete .

    Say eg: 20 yrs in mutual fund or 3 yrs in elss.

2. what do with the money recieved after completetion of investment term eg: ULIP etc

3. How to investment lumpsum amount.

4. when to change the invested instrument and what to do with the invested amount  or how     to reinvest the money again.

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  1. Sonali Suman says:

    If you don’t have any specific goal for your investment purpose and if the investment term is complete then I would suggest you to re-invest the money either in equity mutual funds or debt mutual funds in India as they are a really good source of investment. However, if you have any specific goal for the money that you had investment then it is better that you first achieve your goal and think about re-investing in case you have a good balance left.

  2. Dear Anil, in case of MFs when you are saying that after 20Y, it means you were saving for a goal & if the goal has arrived, please redeem your money & achieve your goal. In case of ELSS, the lock in period of 3Y does not mean, one should compulsorily redeem. One may remain invested. As long as the investment is performing within own expectations.

    Others already elaborated by dear FFC, hence not repeating the same.



  3. 1,2 Spend it on the goal you originally saved for!

    Seriously the idea of goal based investing is to begin with a comfortable portion of equity and debt and review investments each year. Then one re-balances to reestablish the equity:debt proportion.

    that is If equity does well take the money and put in debt and viceversa
    learn more about this online

    3 and 4

    If you choose debt instrument you can invest it one shot. For equity MFs put it in a debt fund like a liquid fund and transfer over a few months to equity MF

    Same procedure for reinvestment of a lumpsum to another instrument

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