General power of attorney in Banking Transctions

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I hold General power of attorney for my Daughter under which she has conferred all powers like  making  application to all govt offices, and even  filing affidivits in courts and selling her property etc Except  signing of signing

Recently I submitted a couple of matured FD”s with discharge endorsement ( like received Payments)  signed by me to her bank with a copy of GPA and requested Manager to encash the same and credit the same into her SB A/c

Manager refused to Honour the GPA and discharge endorsement given under my signature and insisted that she herself has to sign the discharge

Please enlighten me whether he is right to refusing to honour the GPA under reference? Provisions under which i Should proceed against the Bank

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  1. subhaschandrac says:

    sure sir
    thats what i have sought under RTI
    thank u

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Subhash, thanks for the update. I was in the impression that your D’ter is out of India and had handed over her GPA to operate her accounts in her absence. The basic rules regarding operational rights still remain same, no matter it’s RI or NRI. If you are still in doubt, you may demand in written from the Br. Manager to provide the copy of the circular which says so (presence /signature of your D’ter).



  3. subhaschandrac says:

    the link u suggested deals with NRI a/c
    where as my query is regarding domestic nationalised Bank SBH

  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Subhash, please check point no. 19 in the below link.

    onlinesbi. com/nri/sbinri_faq.html



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