Fundsindia or Fundsupermart – Which is better ?

POSTED BY shivona ON March 19, 2014 5:58 pm COMMENTS (8)


I want to start investing online in ELSS and other MF schemes  , I know about theses two online investing sites but is confused which is the best and safest? and also explain why ?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Shivona, please read the reply given to you by dear Hemanth. Read it again 2-3 times to understand it properly. I hope you ‘ll get the answer for your basic query.



  2. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Dear Shivona,

    As you said ” actually i don’t have any idea in investments, i don’t know much about MFs and in which ELSS to invest in “. So my sincere advice is to improve knowledge on Mutual Funds and ELSS on which you want to invest.

    You should know what and why you are investing in a product, or else you might be in very big trouble later.

    There is no hurry in investing, please improve your knowledge by reading articles by Manish and from different blogs,books. After you become confident on these, then you start investing.

    If you don’t do this and start investing without any knowledge and by just following someone’s advice, after some days, you will ask another question as “I have invested in **** product(without understanding it) by some one’s advice and now I am not getting expected returns, so what should I do” which no one in the forum don’t want to be happened for you.

    So, please understand what you are investing in and then start.

    Let me know in case of any clarification required.


  3. shivona says:

    Thanks ashal,

    i have replied in above post why i want to invest through theses websites. also , i find that fundsindia is more attractive as there are no. of schemes to invest but are there suggestions genuine or biased??

    1. arjunp3000 says:

      Hi Shivona,
      Yes, Direct Plans that are available with the AMC have lower expense ratios. But do take some time to consider the various benefits that are available with distributors such as FundsIndia.
      Consolidation of all your Investments – you can have all your investments in one convenient location and access them from any computer. You can also complete transactions with a few clicks. Investing directly with Mutual Fund companies will result in multiple logins, a lot of paperwork and dealing with different representatives for every different company that you invest in.

      Paperwork & Customer Support – a distributor will send a representative to visit you and collect all your documents and signatures. You can invest from the convenience of your home / office. Cumbersome processes such as getting you KYC compliant etc. will all be taken care of. You will also have the added advantage of dealing with one customer support individual for all your investments. Including a nominee or changing your records for all your investments can be done by submitting a single form.

      Free Advisory Services – We at FundsIndia let you access their advisory team for free. You will be able to get hand-picked investment advice based on your short-term and long-term goals. We will also review your portfolio periodically to include funds that are performing well and remove funds that we see are no longer fit.
      Reports – You can get access to detailed performance reports and download the necessary documents for tax-filing by just logging into your account. Again FundsIndia does not charge you for these services.

      Innovative Tools (SIPs) – Invest with a variety of tools that will make your money work harder for you. Get access to innovative SIPs and set them up with just a few clicks.

      These are just a few advantages when you choose to invest with a distributor.


  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Shivona, both are good but direct investing as suggested by dear Hemanth above is better option.



  5. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Hi Shivona,

    Why don’t you invest directly with the AMCs in ‘Direct’ plans where the expense ratio will be less which is beneficial for longterm.


    1. shivona says:

      hi hemanth,

      thanks for your reply , actually i don’t have any idea in investments, i don’t know much about MFs and in which ELSS to invest in …so i got to know that these 2 websites provides a single platform to invest in no. of ELSS or MFs at one time , also they provide helpful guidelines on investments and there no charges for it…dey don’t charge the customers dey say.

      1. Harendra says:

        hi shivona ! I am in the exact state as you were 2 years ago ! plz help me ! what did you do ? how are your investments working ?

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