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Hello All,

Can anyone suggest me some good websites whic allow us to screen stocks based on their fundamentals?…

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  1. TheZionView says: is one of the best in for indian market

  2. sunil says:

    Any more frnds?

  3. sunil says:

    I am happy with yor answer, and i agree that evolution is the best way of making any poduct a topper, and i wait for that day when moneysights become one.

    1. says:

      Thanks Sunil….we will definitely do our best. Feel free to keep your suggestions flowing. They always help! Take care.


      Santosh Navlani |

  4. sunil says:

    I feel moneysights to evolve completely into a fundamental analysis website, there should be below parameters also to be adde.

    Estimated EPS (future EPS)
    Estimated P/E (future P/E)
    Rank of the stock where it stands amojng the peers.

    1. says:

      Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for the comprehensive views & you using moneysights already. Really appreciate it.

      If you notice again, you already have an option of sector-wise screening of stocks in moneysights (please do check the left-side navigation where we have capitalization/indice/sector/industry filteration possible).

      While i would not want to set any expectations on what is coming next, some of it is part of our product roadmap & somethings are not. However, it will be a while before we have them…there is always constraint in resources + user’s willingness to pay for certain services + how many people may want to pay & how much. And hence things like order-book, future prospects of a company, etc. are something which are difficult to get as this isn’t a standardized information.

      Also, moneysights “may never” have the news/views which are “news” driven. We want to avoid “noise” & focus on “signals”. Over a period of time (maybe next 9-12 months), we endeavor to really enhance the value proposition & offerings (you see, we are just in version 1.0 🙂 as of today). Honestly, one of the reasons that people use moneysights, is itself because we “limit” the information 🙂

      Having said this, let me assure you that our goal is be the most evolved, yet simple fundamentals-driven long-term investments site in India (atleast). So, while the ways to do may be “in some cases” different than what you suggested, but the value would be what would satisfy you.

      Hope i addressed your suggestions…keep using. We will only get better from here 🙂


      Santosh Navlani |

  5. sunil says:

    Hello Santosh,
    I am regular user of Moneysights and its wonderful site for fundamental analysis as far as i have seen.

    However, it falls back in the screeners and the company information providing area (specifically the future prospects of a company and its order book etc).

    Let me be more specific…

    1. On Screeners :
    User should be able to get a choice of selecting various stocks based on the true value of the stock in the long term, lets say them as High Value picks (let them be from group A or Z).
    Next we can have something like value picks at cheap prices rather than cheap stocks at cheap prices.
    Also, we can have the screener set on sector wise, this should do wonders when some one is really diversifying his portfolio.

    I know few sites which do these type of screeners, however why i would like to see them on moneysights is, the way you give the fundamentals, its wonderful the way you analyze and if it is put into sector wise screeners and for specific things like value picks… etc. It should really increase the value of your website, togeather helping people who do fundamental analysis.

    I have a suggestion to you, there is no website till now which talks about the Macro and Micro economic structure prevailing in India and around the world. SO i think you can add a coloumn which might nbe updated fortnightly with the latest happenings throughout world and their impacts (not very detailed, but brefily). I think this will complete the fundamental analysis and moneysights will be one stop for all the fundamental analysts.

    I might be asking too much, but i do all these before cornering any stock, hence wanted to see moneysights as one site for addressing all the necessary parameters.

  6. says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Do you have any specific requirements from this screener or type of parameters to allow screening on? At moneysights, we do have a fundamental stocks screener by the name of “Advanced View”. You can access it here –

    Hope this helps. Would love to know your feedback on its usefulness to you.


    Santosh Navlani |

    1. kshamajn27 says:

      Hi Sunil,

      I m using and it is absolutely free for stock screener ( which has smart search criteria and using more than 30 smart search parameters like Sharpe Ratio, Annualized Profit Growth, EBDITA.

      Hope this will meet as per your requirement.

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