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POSTED BY Srikanth Bandam ON September 6, 2012 11:06 am COMMENTS (6)

I am 28 now. My current investments include:

HDFC CREST plan – 50,000/- per annum (for next 5 years starting 2012)

HDFC Top 200 Growth – 5000/- per month (for next 20 years starting 2012)

Future immediate plans: 

Term Plan – Kotak Preferred/other(suggest this) with 10k per annum for 30 years

I can afford another 5000/- per month to invest for long term(10-15 years) and 10000/- per month for short term(about 3-5 years – for down payment to buy a house along with home loan around 30Lacks)

Please suggest some portfolio planning on this. 


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  1. Srikanth Bandam says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Ashal. I will stop my CREST plan now, i understand abt the prem. loss till data.

    Regarding perm 8k for Term Plan is for 75lacks to 1Cr life cover for 35 years to protect my Family. So I am looking for such Term Plan.


  2. Srikanth Bandam says:

    Thanks for the link Ashal,

    I understand that I took wrong step with opting to CREST plan. Do you want me to close my CREST plan and divert that amt to others? If yes, in which fund can I invest that amt.

    Also please answer to my other question for 10000/- per month for short term(3-5 years) and 5000 for long term investment(10-15years)

    Apart from this, I am planning to take Avivai-Life or Kotak e-Preferred or other Term Plan with 8k. Do you have any pick on this.


    1. Dear Srikanth, The prem. you are allocating should be your focus or the term cover to protect your family should be your focus? I’m unable to understand this 8K figure of prem.?

      Please stop that Crest Plan immediately. Just to remind you, the prem. till date paid by you ‘ll be total loss for you. You may divert the mly prem. amount to Quantum Long Term Eq. fund growth option.

      Split your long term need based 5K mly figure (extra amount) into these 2 funds only. HDFC Top 200 & Quantum Long Term Eq.

      For short term needs, you may invest in HDFC MIP Long Term Plan.



  3. Srikanth Bandam says:

    Hi Ashal,

    During Jan 2012, I visited a nearby HDFC bank and enquired for some long term investment plans with 80C benefits, the manager over there suggests me to opt for HDFC Crest and so I started it with 50000/- per annum.

    I didn’t have much knowledge abt that time, so I followed what ever that guy suggested.


    1. Dear Srikanth, please check below link for HDFC Crest. You w’d come to know why it’s not good?




  4. Dear Srikanth, on what basis you opted HDFC Crest? it’s not a plan to invest in.

    Can you share your views on this?



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