Fraudulent Transactions on Kotak PVR Credit Card

POSTED BY Amardeep ON October 29, 2013 4:17 pm COMMENTS (2)

I hold Kotak PVR credit card on 21st Oct I received couple of SMS’es very early in the morning around 3:30 AM that card is used to make payment of Rs 123.43, Rs. 61.71, Rs. 10699.96 and Rs 184.52 at ECHST.NET, PAYPAL, LISA 33 etc. I was surprised as I haven’t shared my credit card credentials with anyone and I mostly only do internet transactions on IRCTC only.

I immediately called call centre and got credit card blocked. I also filed dispute form the very same day.

Kotak call centre guys now don’t confirm the receipt of the dispute form yet, neither they comment on the progress of this investigation, they say they’ll take 45 days to investigate the matter.

Obviously due I don’t trust Kotak bank, even if they find this was fraud they might collect money from me.

I need advice is there a way which will save me from the loss of approx 12k amount I dint spent without affecting cibil score?

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  1. Dharamesh says:

    My ICICI card also used fraudulently in facebook in USD transaction. Bank had acted fast to block my card and asked to file dispute form which I did. Kotak also seems doing the same process. Moreover I also contacted facebook and intimated them that transaction is fraudulently used from my card. Hence they rolled back transactions from their end within 3-4 days. You can also check details of merchant name and try to contact them. After 30-40 days ICICI Bank also find this transaction as fraud activity and settled my dispute.
    Moreover I would also suggest you to file an FIR with local police station and send its copy to your bank.
    Also note such fraud activities mostly happens outside india as out of India they require only credit card number and CVV number. No Pin or password require if card if used internationally as explained by ICICI bank official to me.

    1. Amardeep says:

      Thanks for your i/ps Dhramesh . As you correctly said in my case also these transactions seems to have been initiated from abroad and without transaction password (as confirmed by Kotak call center personnel). In my case I could not contact the merchant as I could not track these merchant readily ECHST.NET & LISA 33 etc. Never heard of them previously nether any info is available on them on net :(.

      I went to register complaint at local police station but they redirected me to cyber crime division, who took in the complaint.

      To add to my worry after so many days have lapsed , after constant follow up, bank is still not budging an inch further in their investigation. Instead they have billed those transactions in my monthly statement. I am really disappointed by the quality of service Kotak CC department provides…. anyways for now keeping my fingers crossed and contemplating whether registering complaint with consumer forum help in this matter :(.

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