Formalities to complete after home loan is paid off

POSTED BY Manu Kapoor ON January 7, 2012 5:45 pm COMMENTS (2)

I am going to be clearing off my home loan in the next couple of weeks. I had taken the loan from SBI and have managed to clear off most of it from personal funds and will clear all shortly. My query is related to formalities that need to be completed to get back the original documents from SBI. Has anyone gone through this before? What letters do I need to take to them, and how long should I factor to get the documents from SBI? I took the loan from SBI in Hyderabad, but now am based in Bangalore, so this information will be very helpful in planning.
Will be very grateful if anyone can give any pointers.


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  1. ankit Gupta says:

    Take your all original documents from them.
    Don’t forget PDCs.
    Take NOC stating that Bank has no interest in said property and all dues are cleared.
    Close your home loan account.
    That is it !

  2. Dear Many Kapur, I can’t say for SBI but I had my home loan with icici & the over all experience was very good. My HL was originally @ UP But at the time of closure I was in Gujarat. The original documents were first sent to UP branch by icici people & I got a call to receive the same. I asked to redirect the papers to Ahmedabad branch & within 7 days I got a call from local office & recieved the same.

    Please carry a photo ID proof with you while going to collect your file.



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