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POSTED BY Rekha ON March 18, 2013 11:56 am COMMENTS (4)

Can someone give feedback about opening a fixed deposit with Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation(KTDFC) and HUDCO in terms of fund safety and reliability.

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  1. Reka S says:

    Thanks Ashal. I was misled by the word ‘demat’ . anyway will check with my bank and go with that option instead of broker. Thanks for confirming the reliability of the entities.

  2. Dear Rekha, please read again my prev. reply. I already answered for the deposit/bond thing not the shares of the cos. in question. I asked to contact your broker to arrange the application forms & deposit the same on your behalf to the registrar of the issue. Both are Govt. entities, so in that sense are better than pvt. co. deposits.



  3. Reka S says:

    Thanks Ashal. Oh yes.. that is a timely reminder about the insurance policy…
    so are you suggesting they both are good in terms of safety and reliability… I’m not asking about buying their shares through demat but about opening a fixed deposit with them as they seem to offer good interest rate..

  4. Dear Reka, if you are holding a demat account, please contact your broker. Alternatively, you may visit your bank also to invest in the bonds/deposits you are asking for. Just make sure while visiting your bank, you do not end up investing elsewhere (an insurance policy). 🙂



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