FInancial Planning on retirement, marriage and and medical expenses

POSTED BY Amit ON August 12, 2013 9:29 pm COMMENTS (2)

Below is my portfoloio. Please if anything needs to be changed. I am worried about non performance of HDFC Balanced FUnd. I plan to get married in 1 year.

Purpose Amount Fund
Retirement 1500 PPF
1500 EPF
1000 HDFC Gold Fund
1000 HDFC Equity
1000 HDFC Index Sensex Plus
2000 ICICI Pridential Discovery
Medical Expenses after retirement 1000 ICICI Pridential Discovery
Marriage 10000 HDCF Balanced
15000 Savings Account

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  1. Amit says:


    I thought 15000 in savings and rest 10000 in a balanced fund would be good option.

    Could you please proivde your expert advice on over all port folio. I am currently 26. I plan to retire at the age of 60.

    Please suggest if you think I should make any changes.

  2. Dear Amit, marriafge goal in next 1Y & you are investing in a Eq. fund? why did you selected at all?



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