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POSTED BY Parag Nimbolkar ON July 26, 2012 11:53 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish,
I have come across jaagoinvestor through my friend and let me tell you you make it very easy to understand all this complicated financial jugaad…..
now coming to the point i am a fresher and i m waiting for my first salary.i want your advice on how should i plan my investment. well my income will be probably 30-32k in hand.
and expense will b around 10-12k as i am a bachelor….so please suggest me a proper plan that how should i invest…..also same time can have my tax savings….

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  1. Dear Parag, A bit of tweaking in what dear Manish has suggested. Out of the remaining surplus amount of say 20K Rs. split it into 2 parts. of 10K each. Use one part for the gratitude as suggested by dear Manish & another part for saving & investing. Just open a simple product Bank RD of 6 months duration with auto debit facility & in next 6 months’ time you w;d have around 61K Rs. or a bit more. In between use this time to increase your financial understanding. This 61K amount ‘ll be your emergency funding’s base.

    Revisit forum after 5-6 months.

    Happy investing.



  2. says:

    I agree with Manish, it is always important that we enjoy our very first salary & try making every one happy in the family.

  3. Parag

    To start with , as you are totally new in job and you are full with the excitement of getting that “first” salary . Here is what I would suggest can help you

    1. Take the first salary and gift your loved one’s something which you have been waiting for , we all want to show our gratitude towards our mother, dad , siblings and want to shower them with gifts as a gratitude which we think all life – “One day when I will earn , I will give this and that to so and so” .

    2. For first 5 months , I would say satisfy all your wants and desires which you had from long time , so that it settles down . For next 6 months learn more about money and how to manage your financial life .

    3. From 7th month, better start investing so that you keep a balance between your desires and your financial life . Start with a recurring deposit and a Monthly investment in Balanced Funds

    this is my personal thought.


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