Financial planning and retirement assurity – Any good investment option ?

POSTED BY s.c.jain ON August 5, 2014 6:47 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hello Sir

Kindly tell me best Retirement plan or Pension plan that can give me a return of 1-2 cr or more at 20 years maturity and also fixed monthly income for the rest of the life.

And Which is best children education policy assumed age now 8 years , I agree its bit too late, but please suggest best education policy which can gain good in 10-15 years when education funds may be needed,





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  1. Dr.Sachin says:

    Only two things to be done.
    1. For retirement, do not choose any plans that have the word pension in it. Same as for child plans. They not going to give u the returns u need.
    2. Make separate investments for ur goals. Do not join plans

  2. Sumit says:

    See, I do not know about plans or policies, but seems you do not sure about how much money you need at the time retirement.

    1) There’s a lot of difference between 1 cr and 2 Cr.
    2) to accumulate 1 Cr and 2 Cr in 20 years, do you any idea, how much money you have invest in any product every month?
    3) What kind of annual return you are expecting?
    4) Have to thought about investing in equities, through mutual funds.

    Set your goals first.
    Then Get the asset allocation right, can check the below link.
    Calculate how much you have invest every month, setting a reasonable rate of return.


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