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I am earning 35,000/month. presently i have following investment
LIC – 57000
IDBI monthly growth – 1000

In future, I am planning to purchase a house around cost 25L in 2 years. Please suggest me for my financial planning.

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  1. Dear Anand, what are the details of your LIC policies? That IDBI is a MF or ULIP? Out of that 25L Rs. how much amount you ‘ll arrange from your own pocket & how much from loan? For that self funding, how much amount do you have already with you?

    What are your other investments & assets?

    Your family size, your current loan liabilities if any?……………………




      Dear Ashal,

      thanks for replay,

      As you asked that about my details are;

      1. My LIC policy Jeevan Anand (me & My wife)
      2. LIC policy for child (jeevan ankur)
      3. IDBI 9Growth) ULIP plan

      I have 2 lacs FD in bank. I am planning to take housing loan of 15 L. Presently i have two plots (1000 sq ft) and its value is 5.5 lacs.

      I have small family. Me, mother, my wife and a child (1.5 years old). She is also planing to do job. She is a MBA (HR).

      I do not have any loan liability.

      Actually i do not know much about the financial planing, investment making etc than can only i be able to decide my projections for future. so i think i also have to improve my knowledge on that. so please help me to on this issue.

  2. Anand

    Financial Planning is not done like this . All you are asking is some investment advice. You should first understand how much you need to invest per month for your goal , which you can find out using this calculator :

    Once you are clear about the monthly investments number . Then put that money in 2-3 good Mutual funds like Birla Sunlife front line equity , HDFC Equity , DSPBR top 100

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