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I have made some research, have contacted some financial advisers and came to a conclusion that I would like to SIP in the following funds.

ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Equity Fund – 2000
HDFC Equity Fund – 2000
IDFC Premier Equity Fund – 2000
RD in Bank – 2000
Reliance Money Manager Fund(Liquid Fund) – 25000

Can you share your views on this? Do I need to make some changes or can I proceed?

I even have a surplus of Rs.25000 which is parked in bank. Can you please suggest where can I invest this amount ?


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  1. Dear Sha Faisal, after your research & asking so many financial advisers if you are still not able to decide, it’s time to first come clean on your thought process.



    1. sha faisal says:

      @ Ashal:

      I am convinced with the above mentioned schemes. But wanted to know what experts feel, as you will be dealing with these things daily. I am kind of new for this,


      1. Dear Sha Faisal, Please go ahead with the opted funds. No reason to look elsewhere. Please start now.



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