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I am currently paying 1 lakh premium for Jeevan Tarang since 2007-08. I would like to surrender the policy now & would like to avail Aviva I-Life Policy for 1 cr, wherein I would be paying 12-13k pa. Further I woule need advice on other profitable investments like PPF or others.

Regards, Harshal.

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  1. Harshal says:

    Hi Ashal,
    To be frank, i din’t have much knowledge on investments. I did it just because, one of my family members asked me to invest, which majority of dumb people like me do.

    Since there are current investment much more beneficial than Tarang, I thought to surrender it & invest in tax+investment.

    As mentioned, I am planning to go in for Aviva I-Life for 1cr, which would keep my family secured. Additionally I also have invested in PPF since 2005, hence if I invest in PPF currently, i should be able to take loan from ppf in case of emergencies.

    Kindly advice, if it would be wise to surrender Jeevan Tarang or discontinue further premiums & avail the benefits later.

    Also advice on tax+investment plans

    1. Dear Harshal, before I comment any more on your situation, I w’d ask you to please visit the nearest LIC Office & check your surrender value you ‘ll get for that Tarang Policy. Post that surrender value & your take for the loss you ‘ll book for surrendering the policy.

      We ‘ll than discuss this issue again.



  2. Dear Harshal, May I ask what prompted you to invest in that Tarang in 2007 & why you are coming out at this time?



  3. Harshal,
    How much money you want to invest? Is your moto to save tax+investment?
    Please provide more details.

    On a general Note :
    If your moto is to Investment+ Tax savings then PPF is one of the best product for retirement corpus.
    Along with this you can invest in ELSS Mutual Funds. Can Robeco and Fidelity can be two Good options.

    If your intention is just investment, and you are willing to stay commited. Any good diversified fund should be Good.Have 10+ years time frame.
    HDFC Top 200, DSP BR Top 100, Franklin blue chip are some of good funds.

    If you have senior citizen parent, you can invest in LVB and CSB. They are offering attractive interest rates.

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