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POSTED BY Abhishek Tewari ON March 16, 2012 11:06 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Manish

 First I want to say this blog  which you hav started is really impressive and I appreciate your work. I have few doubts which I want to share wd u, and I hope to get a response from u….

I have taken LIC jeevan saral policy wd sum assured of 5 Lac whose premium is 24k,,,, i was thinking to take 2-3 SIP and d funds which are in my mind are:

1.)hdfc top200

2.) UTI opportunities
3)DSPBR Top 100 equity
4) Franklin India Bluechip
I want to start up with 2 SIP initially,,Pls suggest which of the fund would be good.
Apart from this few tax savers funds aswell which are.
a)HDFC tax saver
b)ICICI tax saver
Are investing in tax savers mutual fund worth investing?

 I want the best of portfolio which gives maximum return. Kindly suggest and pls let me know d approx interest each of the fund gives….
And do commnent on the insurance policy I hav taken,,,


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  1. Dear Abhishek, even I’m also in search of that best life insurance policy, that best health insurance, that best MF, that best stock…………….

    But all of us do know, the life is not a bed of roses. Most of the time we end up earning average returns. So what’s the way out.

    My dear friend, first of all please do not try to chase the best, instead focus on good funds which are not good for their own sake but these funds fulfill your requirements that’s why these are good.



  2. Abhishek Tewari says:

    Thanks for the info.

    I have not yet invested in SIP. I am planning to invest. Will you please suggest me which of the 2 MF i should start up with.

    Beside this i have just taken the insurance policy and hav paid my 1st premium. Shall i wait till the locking period?


  3. My Two Cents:

    Few simple Steps:

    Surrender :Surrendered the LIC policy : Saral, Only the Name is straight 🙂
    Never invest in Investment + Insurance scheme. The retruns are very less.

    Go for Pure Term Plan: Dont think about returns if you servive. Split your policy and make sure you dont pick the company just because the premium is cheap. Look out for settlement rate and repuration of the company.

    Continue your MF : Continue with your existing mutual fund. Dont collect too many. Over diversification is bad. Dont ever go for NFO.

    Finally : Have a PPF account. It is best Debt product.

    Final word: Even the best of best plan wont work if you dont have descipline. Invest keeping long term in mind. …. All the best.

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