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POSTED BY Shishir Kumar Sharma ON January 26, 2012 4:23 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sir,

I wish to describe here my present investment details as follws :

[A] Insurance :

Sl.No. Policy Name Start Date Annual
Premium (Rs)
1 Birla Sunlife – Freedom 58 – Super 20 28/03/2010 15,000
2 ICICI Prudential – Assure Wealth Plus 15/02/2010 25,000
3 ICICI Prudential – Life Time Super Pension 08/02/2008 12,000
4 LIC – Jeevan Saral – With Profit 04/01/2011 24,500

[B] SIP :

Sl.No. Fund Name Start Date Monthly
Investment (Rs.)
1 DSP BLACK ROCK TOP 100 14/06/2011 1000
2 HDFC Prudential Fund – Growth 16/06/2011 1000
3 Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Growth Option 31/12/2010 1000
4 HDFC Top 200 Fund – Growth 28/12/2010 1000
5 SBI Magnum Fund – Umbrella Contra – Growth 23/09/2008 500
6 SBI Magnum Global Fund – Growth 23/09/2008 500

I would like to know, whether my investement portfolio is correct or not as per my present income, age & future liability. If not, request you to kindly advice.

My personal introductions are hereunder:

Age : 40 Years
Yearly Income : Rs. 5,00,000/-
Profession : Working in a Ltd. Company at Pune.
Other Family Members : My wife & a son (2 years age).

Thanks & Regards,
Shishir Kumar Sharma

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  1. says:

    hi shishir, i think probably these scheme were told by ur friends or u end up in desperately to for tax or to start savings.
    U employer may give u some life and Health insurance i suppose.
    Now to start with, never confuse investment with insurance (thats wat LIC taught us)
    For a 25k premeium, u r paying Rs.3k for its service nd maintiance and rest nearly 22k is invested which gives 10%-15% at the max to max if ur lucky
    So y dont u go for a term insurance and a family health cover which wl cost 5k and 10k respectively. (insurance is not to buffer u from getting ill but to buffer ur savings which will get used up incase of emergency)
    Now ur a family man, so ur investments should be like 40% debt and 60%equity (depends upon ur defination of risk)
    Investing in MF needs atleast 3-4yrs of patience to give returns
    So park ur Debt portion in 2 FD- 30k each for 1yr. wt 6mths differece. with that ur secured of money inflow half yearly and renew it again nd again. So that way ur compounding it too

    As ur in tax slab, go for tax free investments like bonds or ncd (if u have a demat account)
    I am not well aware of MF scenario listed by u bt suggest u to monitor in atleast in 8-10 months (for worst performance) and give it time for atleast 2yrs to perform.

    Start a PPF account, bcoz at 55 u wl need money for u and for ur son’s higher studies.
    Also Direct tax code may get implement from next year, so PPF wl also help to show tax savings.

    I suggest you continue with LIC and stop ur other insurance policy after its minimum years requirement (which is usually 3yrs)

    if possible than pls start investing in share market directly or if not than MF aint bad too.

  2. Dear Shishir, what’s the individual sum assured in the 4 life ins. policies you are paying prem.?



  3. This is absolutely over diversified portfolio. Keep a Term Insurance after calculating the Human Life Value. And for your life goals Keep 50% of your portfolio in a Index Fund & Rest in A value & Small & Mid cap Fund. Make a Contingency for your Bad times.

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