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first of all, would like to thank the moderator of this website to keep this website very useful for financial planning for novice to expert.

I am srinivasan, working in a private firm. I am interested / looking forward for suggestions which will improve my financial planning for future betterment.

I am drawing net income of 1L / month, having following investments :

30k / month towards bank recurring deposit at 10%

9k/month towrads mutual funds SIP (HDFC equity , HDFC T200, Sundaram Select Midcap,  Reliance retail, Reliance power, Pricipal emerging bluechip)

5k/month – postal RD

30k/year towards LIC – (16k towards money back policy, 10k towards pension policy and 2k for endowment). I also have invested 1.5L towards LIC wealth plus , though runing in loss over last 3 years.

investing 12% on VPF – on top of PF which is 5k

I am living in my own apartment.

I have bandwidth to accomodate another 25k to 30k / month for which i am looking for an apartment as investment from my end.

Please suggest for investment options / any sugegstions which will help / tune my financial planning for betterment.



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  1. I think better than putting 30k in RD , mix it with 20-25k per month spare and buy a under construction property in some emerging city from investment point of view . That would give you a much better risk adjusted return .

    Note the risk is quite more than the current option . But if not now , then when will you take it 🙂

    1. Srinivasan says:

      Thanks Manish for your response. that is one option what i am working towards to invest to make asset.

      the reason why i went for RD is to create capitial wealth to secure.

      on the otherside, for remaining 25 to 30k, do u advise for PPF or NPS .. note that i had gone thru the posts around PPF , NPS alerady. the reason behind my question is again to create some capital wealth

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