Fidelity india Childrens plan

POSTED BY Abhi ON February 1, 2011 5:31 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi All,

Does any one did a analysis on Fidelity india Childrens plan ? if yes any recomendation on this plan?





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  1. says:

    Hi @Abhi,

    Its an interesting question.

    In our opinion, its nothing but a good marketing initiative by Fidelity. There “may” be nothing wrong with the fund – the features look really impressive esp for their Marriage Fund which has 20% allocation to Gold. And easy transfer facility across Marriage, Children & Savings fund make it really attractive. It definitely helps when one wants to switch between debt & equity without paying exit load charges. So,

    Since its a new fund offering, it would be wise to track the performance & evaluate investments in the fund at a later time.

    But don’t go by the name, end of the day its a Mutual Fund scheme only like any other fund, just with added ease of managing your investment if you are planning to invest for Children’s Education or Marriage. In fact, there are quite a few funds already in the market which have “children” in their name like – HDFC Childrens Gift Investment Plan, HDFC Childrens Gift Savings Plan, UTI Childrens Career Advantage Fund, etc.

    Our recommendation would be – if you are looking to invest for your Child’s future needs, any good diversified, ELSS or balanced fund with great past track record would fit.

    What is the opinion of other people here? Can someone throw more light?

    Manish, your opinion would be highly appreciated & would be helpful as well for @Abhi.


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