Few questions on Income Tax Return by NRI

POSTED BY SUNIRAJ ON March 24, 2014 11:47 am ONE COMMENT


Please see my queries wrt tax return . I am working outside India and is an NRI .

I have some losses in share investments  through  Indian Stock Exchanges . Now the maon question is  when I am filing a return , do I need to show

1)my NRI Salary in full  and then show it as an exempted income

2)Interest from my NRE A/c in full  and then show it as an exempted income

3)Dividend Income in full and then to show it as exempted

4) LTCG  and then show it as exempted


I  will only show the details regarding the LTCG and the Tax deducted

Please advice

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Suniraj, your global income outside India, Dividend income, NRE interest income, LTCG from stocks sold in exchange with STT paid, all are exempted income. Hence you need to report these in Exempted income only. Regarding loss from shares, if it’s STCL, you can carry forward but in case of LTCL, the same ‘ll be ignored as LTCG is tax free.



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