Feedback on my Stock Portfolio

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Kindly request You to provide feedback on my Portfolio attached as an image to this post. 

My investment horizon is 1-2 years and risk apetite in Equity is Medium.
















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  1. Akram Chotu says:

    Santosh –

    I do not remember exactly what was the technical error I got when I was adding Mutual Funds to my Portfolio. May be at that time your site may be down or throw some technical error in the background. However I do remember sending you feedback using the feedback form on your website.

    Next time, if I face the error I’ll surely let you know provided you give me website feedback email address.

    Once again. I appreciate your hard work for making user friendly and better-to-best.

    1. says:

      Sure Akram. You can always email on I’m personally always reachable on


      Santosh Navlani,

  2. Akram Chotu says:

    Thank you Santosh.

    Some feedback on MONEYSIGHTS Portfolio Management functionality. Stocks Portfolio Management is good however I feel Mutual Fund Portfolio management still needs improvement w.r.t adding SIP’s, removing missing SIP’s etc. and rarely I get some technical issues with the website.

    One quesiton. On what basis do you give 5/4 star rating for a Stock’s Financial Strength. If past 1-2 quarters financial strengh is bad then do you rate that stock as 3 star? Please clarify.

    On a whole I appreciate your good work.

    1. says:

      Hi Akram,

      Thanks for the appreciation about moneysights Portfolio Management. Would you be able to elaborate on issue you faced in adding/removing SIPs? So far, we haven’t encountered any issue yet.

      On your query about Stock’s Financial Strength –
      Though you may not see frequent changes to the ratings because quarterly/ annual results get declared for different companies on different days, w rate the stocks on a daily basis. And we always take most recent 12 months of financial data. Also, if the annual results & balance sheet isn’t declared within 6 months of closing of financial year, the stock becomes ineligible for rating.

      Hope i have clarified. Don’t forget to let me know what exactly was the issue in adding/ removing SIPs. Thanks!

      Santosh Navlani |

  3. says:

    Hi Akram,

    i must appreciate your stock selection. While capital appreciation in terms of stock price of the scrips you own is all about future, picking fundamentally strong companies is the first most important step. Your portfolio may be down 5-10% from the levels that you bought but which stock hasn’t fallen in this market turmoil.

    If your horizon is long term, stick to these picks. However, for your portfolio-specific detailed analysis in terms of diversification & other important parameters, i would request you to upload your portfolio in moneysights & get your instant portfolio health-check + portfolio-specific stock recommendations, if you have any more capital availability.

    Hope this helps.

    Santosh Navlani |

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