Failed to pay Car Loan – How can I increase my Cibil score ?

POSTED BY jakka ON December 27, 2014 11:20 am COMMENTS (2)

Hi Sir,

i have a car loan for which i failed to pay off the emi for last 3 months but after 3rd month i have started clearing all past dues along with increase and now present emi are being cleared on time, and i have a credit card for which i have been paying only the minimum due amount and i have utilized the full limit,

now i would like to know my credit score and will it has been hampered because of my delay in payment , now i am planning to take a home loan, whether is it possible to get the home loan? and

how can i improve my credit score if it is damaged? please advice to correct my financials

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  1. First check your credit report by going to .

    Your late payments and paying of minimum dues must have surely affected your score and report in bad way . Try not to do it .

    1. Pay your dues in full and on time
    2. Make sure you clear your dues asap.



  2. Hemanth says:

    What is your credit score now ?

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