Facing Peculiar EPF Withdrawal Situation

POSTED BY abx ON November 12, 2014 10:26 am NO COMMENTS

Dear All,

I have recently left an Org after 4 years of Service, which has the employee PF managed through their Private trust, instead of with EPFO, under the GOI exemption.

Now, this Org did not Issue any UAN to the employees yet, at least not till the time I am underway moving out.

Now I am going to join another new Org in a week’s time. However, for some critical financial needs at my end, I need to withdraw this PF from my previous Org. I have been asked by my previous Org to submit Form 19 for PF withdrawal after 2 months of exit since I have not told them I would be joining elsewhere.

However, my new Org wants me to fill Form 11 (Revised) when I join, which is asking for my UAN number (which is not generated for me because of my scenario with previous Org), and details of my PF account with my previous Org, and details of the Org before my previous Org.

My question is – What to do here so that I can withdraw my PF successfully after 2 months cooling period? What to fill in Form 11 so that I do not block my chances of a PF withdrawal? What to say/explain to my new employer if I do not provide UAN number in Form 11 they want me to fill, and have them generate a new PF account and UAN for me?

Any help/pointers in this regards, most appreciated…


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