expert opinion on my MF Portfolio

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Myself 28yrs, married. A newbie to Financial planning. Have been reading your Forum and hope to gain enough knowledge for good financial planning. 

Have started investing in MF from Jan 2013. My Portfolio looks as follows:

1. Debt – Ultra Short Term 

   a. Templeton India Ultra Short Bond Super Inst – G

   b. BSL Floating Rate ST – G


2. Equity – 

   a. BNP Paribas Equity – G

   b. SBI Emerging Businesses – G

   c. UTI Opportunities – G

   d. BSL India Gen Next – G


3. Equity – International

   a. JP Morgan ASEAN Equity Offshore – G


4. Equity – Pharma

   a.SBI Pharma – G


I have been doing monthly SIP for 40k per month with ratio of 80:20 in equity : debts.

Have picked the MF after seeing the returns and ratios in VRO.

Thought to have 1 MF in each basket (large cap, mid & small, large & mid & so on…)

Want to add that this is for retirement purposes (after 35 years) and all other goals- short and mid term have been taken care of.

Kindly give your expert and valuable opinion on the same.

Thanking You.

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  1. Dear Shantharam, please go ahead as of now with your choice of funds.



  2. Dear Shantharam, please justify each fund’s selection for your portfolio. if it’s merely past return & the ratings assigned to it by VROL, you should dig a little deep. Kindly check the underlying portfolio for overlapping stocks & see are you really diversified? In case of Sectoral funds, why you chose only Pharma?

    What about other aspects of your financial planning like emergency funding, term plan, health plan…..



    1. shantharam pai says:

      Many thanks for your kind reply.
      As I told, I am a total newbie to MF. Having spent the last few months reading books and articles on net, I had made up the list. Yes, it is totally based on ratings, returns and ratios as given in VRO.
      As regards to why only Pharma in Sectoral Funds, i am of the opinion that Healthcare & Pharma will be always on the rise given the current scenario (As I told, I am a newbie, and I may be totally wrong. Also for the fact that I am into healthcare, I presume it will rise steadily always.)
      I am of the opinion that as I put in more efforts and research reading into so much valuable information given in this and other sites, I will gradually know what is proper diversification and my Portfolio will be better. Having said that Kindly give your opinion on the current standing.

    2. shantharam pai says:

      In continuation to my earlier reply, all the other aspects like term plan, Health insurance, emergency funds have been taken care of quite well (Thanks to the information in this site, I finished them first and then moved over to MF investment)

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