Ethical Investing

POSTED BY Santosh ON April 29, 2013 3:42 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear All,

I wonnder if labour, environment and human right conditions of the firms in which the money invested are important for a retail investor. Will an investor would be consider the above mentioned criteria while making investment decisions ? For instance real estate could be a highly lucrative investment option but if it is known that the builder employs children in construction, will that deter an investor in not investing in the firm ?

For an Indian retail investor does these issues makes sense ?

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  1. Dear Santosh, this is more to related with personal comfort & less for a general fit-for-all type query. Continuing the reply from dear Pattu above, please check the underlying portfolio of Taurus Ethical Fund & do tell me is it within your comfort zone?



  2. Santosh let please not assume that these issues makes sense for majority of investors in the rest of the world and single out Indian investors

    Human behaviour is (disturbingly) similar irrespective of geography, caste creed etc etc

    To each his own. If these things are important to someone, they can invest in instruments like
    Taurus Ethical Fund

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