Escorts Liquid Plan

POSTED BY Ram Mohan ON March 6, 2012 11:23 pm COMMENTS (10)

Does anybody of you have any ideas about Escorts liquid plan. It’s 1 year return has been 10.2% which is 1% above it’s nearest competitor (Sahara).

Is this due to some additional risk that the fund is exposing itself too or is it just better performance? I know 1% may not make much of a difference, but still wondering if it’s a good fund to park money that I’m planning to invest on in liquid funds



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  1. Ravikumar says:

    Hi, can you let me know how to invest in Escrots Liquid Fund. I have demat accounts in ICICI Direct and FundsIndia. But, neither of them allowing me to invest into Escorts Liquid Fund. Pls suggest.


    1. Then invest directly with them ! . Not all platforms have tie ups with all fund houses

  2. Pramod Yadav says:

    Physical transaction

  3. Pramod Yadav says:

    Dear Ashal
    Invested in escort liquid fund to build the contigency fund.

    1. Dear Pramod, had you invested online using any portal or through physical transaction? Plese clarify.



  4. Pramod Yadav says:

    Thanks for asking this question as even i have parked my money to this fund just looking at the return.
    Waiting for experts advice

    1. Dear Pramod Yadav & Dear Ram, are you people investing your emergency funds in this liquid fund or investing as a debt fund to do STP in other Eq. funds or just to add flavor in your portfolio from the debt side?

      Please check the following link for your satisfaction.



      1. says:

        Hi Ashal,

        Same here..this is for my emergency fund which I’m going to park in some liquid fund. SO trying to understand how the return is so high here.

        Anyways, looks like a moot point as does not have this fund available for online investing



        1. Dear Rmohan, you may invest in either HDFC Cash Management Savings Plan or Birla FLoating Rate Short Term plan.



          1. Dear Rmohan, both these plan are available on platform.



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