EPF transfer rejection due for form 510

POSTED BY Baagi ON November 23, 2013 8:22 am ONE COMMENT

I have applied for transfer of PF account ’A’ to PF account ’B’ almost 1.6 year back. Recently I learnt that the transfer got rejected stating the below reason:”Your claim in Form 13 for transfer-in has been rejected the reason is ’Form 510 along with Date of Birth particulars to be submitted.Please contact ’A’ Pvt. Ltd. resubmit the claim along wit the required documents. ”

Iam not sure what this means.

– I guess Form 510 get submitted by the company when someone joins. Is that right?

– Should I now ask company A to submit Form 510 to concerned EPFO office? Iam not sure how much company ”A” will help me now they are very irresponsive to such issues & to those who has left.

– The thing is I joined company ’C’ now and do not know if I have to resubmit the transfer form again from company ’C’?

– What necessary action & right do I have now to get this done faster?




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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Baagi, please apply fresh, online to transfer from A and B to C.



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