EPF TRANSFER – Prev employer creating problems

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I have served an Organization for 3.5 years and left. Since they were processing my visa for a long term onsite, i don’t wanted to travel and so told them i wanted to serve in india. They told ‘WE SHOULD PART IN THAT CASE’, i also accepted and told i am ready to leave after serving the notice period. But they told it would of no use to us as there are no projects here. So i resigned and they told me to settle the dues. I was puzzled to hear the dues like, Processing fees for my visa and dues tat i din serve my notice period etc.

It is almost 2.5 years that they are refusing to sign my PF transfer forms and hence my PF amount is held locked.

After reading your blogs on PF, i applied for RTI and got a prompt reply from them stating the reason that previous employee is not signing the forms.

I even went to my old office to speak up to them, but the HR VP is not ready to talk and is planning to file a case.

Pls. suggest me what steps i can take in this regard.


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  1. Dear Akila, not getting your hard earned money is better or paying tax & receiving a part of it is better. If your employer is not co-operating, you may again contact your PF office to suggest the ways to transfer your PF amount.



  2. akila mahesh says:

    So also i am employed now and can i withdraw my PF now.

  3. akila mahesh says:

    coz i heard that TDS would be deducted if i withdraw the PF before 5 years of my service

  4. akila mahesh says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Wouldn’t there be any TDS deducted, when i try to withdraw my PF?


  5. Dear Akila, please opt for withdrawl of your PF amount as suggested by dear Biswa. Please follow the article shared.



  6. akila mahesh says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Already one other employee of the company is fighting and has not got any fruitful results. We wanted our PF to get transferred. Pls let us know the steps for transfer even if the employer wouldn’t sign up the forms if sent by PF offc.


    1. Biswa Singh says:

      Hi Akila,

      I am not sure if you can trnasfer the PF but if you want to withdraw the money then there is a way. You do not require any help from your employer to get your PF. Please read the below article written by Manish.


  7. Dear Mahesh, are you asking for PF related steps or to fight with your employer?



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