EPF should be withdrawn or not?

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Regarding EPF I need some help.

1. This is the 3rd company of my Friend, he is working. 1st company he left 1.5yrs back. 6months back he left his 2nd and now in 3rd comp no EPF is provided. now the thing is should he withdraw his EPF from both  the companies??

Keeping all points of EPF in mind please let me know what to do. I have read that if 5yrs kept then total EPF would be TAX exempted and after 10yrs some pension would be there from EPS portion of 12% contribution provided by company.

Even he does not know if EPS is included in the 12% contributed by company. 

 in 2nd company he contributed 12% of his basic but company didnot provided the same. Why it happened? Is there any clause in EPF contribution from company side…..



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  1. Finance Student says:

    Thanx Ashal……will do the same….

  2. Dear Finance Student, ask your friend, to redeem the PF amount. it ‘ll be taxable in the year of redemption & invest the amount for long term.



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