EPF Settlement issue with company where I resigned from job

POSTED BY Ramit Barman ON April 12, 2014 9:52 pm ONE COMMENT

Respected Sir

This is to inform you that I am Ramit Barman was associated with Gigabyte infocomm Privet Limited for the period of 02/05/2008 to 23/10/2011

On or about 23/10/201 I had resigned from the company as there was a severe financial crisis in the company and the company was planning to eliminate employees as a part of their cost curtailing measures, , I was also told that in case I fail to resign they will terminate me which will be a problem for my career. I believing the same to be true absolutely in good faith resigned from my services by putting an email as per the instruction of the company official. The company official assured to complete my full and final settlement by one month.

However, now over 2 years has passed but the company has not processed my full and final settlement further the company has not also authorized my Form 19 Form related to withdrawal of PF.

In view of above I come before you praying for justice . I am in dire financial crisis and as such. The company has maliciously restricted me from obtaining my legitimate dues.

I once again pray before you for appropriate orders for my redressal as you may deem fit and proper..

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ramit, please read past discussions on similar issue faced by others and take corrective actions.



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