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I wold like to know the precise Lock in period for recognised PF to be nontaxable in hand . whether its 5 yrs or 4 yrs and 240 days??
As per gratuity act 1972 ,5 yrs continous service stands for a precise 4 yrs and 240 days of service. whether same definition of continuos service is applicable for EPF also.

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  1. Bunker Guide says:

    For EPS withdrawal does the PF office treat 183 days of service as 1 year? Eg. if a person tries to withdraw his EPS contribution after 2 yrs and 7 months of service, then he is given the EPS withdrawal for 3 yrs?

    1. Ashal, Unable to open the link. Does it mention 5 years then?

  2. Dear FFC, in the link shared by you, there is no clarity from where the Author is quoting this 4Y & 240 days thing. Gratuity & PF are 2 seperate things & can not be compared on taxation count.



    1. “Section 80C of Income tax law states that the withdrawal of EPF is exempt from tax upto a limit of Rs 100,000, if the withdrawal happens after completion of 5 years (precisely 4 years + 240 Days)”

      This is also confirmed by CAclubindia members

  3. Nice question!

    According to this


    4 y and 240 d for recognized PF!

    You could write to the author for a copy of the official extract

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