EPF Law for Private University

POSTED BY Dibyajyoti Guha ON August 6, 2012 4:42 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Manish Ji and other associates,
I sincerely thank for for providing continuous answers in the Financial domain.
I am Dibyajyoti Guha, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering in KIIT (kiit.ac.in). I find an anomaly from our employer’s side (KIIT University, Orissa kiit.ac.in) regarding Employee Provident Fund.
Here I am seeing the employer’s contribution is flat 800 INR every month in the Payslip. I think this might be a deliberate attempt by the Board of Directors of our Private University. And no one talks about it because of getting fired off.
I want to know from the eyes of Law for Employee Provident Fund for Private University. If they are doing something wrong, I will file a court case. So please give the relevant Act, I will read them and also if there is any ambiguity in the law (which KIIT is misusing for example Under Partner company section: Is a partner of a firm an employee under the Act? Because KISS (one of the biggest institution in India providing free education for Tribals) is the actual holding organisation of KIIT. So we may be employed by KIIT (management may show KIIT might be partner of KISS) but KISS might be ( I assume, I don’t have the proper idea about it) the parent organisation, so they may use that trick in Law and eventually declines to pay the EPF.

Could provide some shed of light in this kind of issue?

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  1. Lakshmipathy G says:

    I am a novice here. But i think this can help for you. It has the calculations for employee provident fund contributions.


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