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POSTED BY annu707in ON February 28, 2012 11:53 pm COMMENTS (14)

Dear all – I have an issue related to my PF transfer. The story goes like this:

In march last year i shifted from Noida to Pune. My new employer in Pune submitted application to EPFO Pune in July 2011 to transfer my PF amount in Noida PF a/c to my new Pune PF a/c. My problem is that till date this transfer from Noida EPFO to Pune EPFO has not happened and I am very much worried about my hard earned money. By taking contact numbers from EPFO website, I am calling Pune and Noida PF offices enquiring about this transfer but as usual these good for nothing “Sarkaari Babus” are not providing anything concrete. I had raised grievance on EPF website but Pune EPFO closed it saying “Transfer has been called from Noida RPFC vide dispatch no. 616 dated 05/12/11”.

Now when I call Pune EPFO and mention this comment they say check with Noida office …Huh…I am really fed up. Is this my duty to keep following between 2 EPFOs? Disgusting…..

What do you suggest I should do? Now I feel I should have better withdrew my amount from Noida a/c ( though after paying usual bribe ).

My employer has shared the acknowledgement letter from EPFO Pune regarding request for transfer of my ( and 70 other colleagues ) PF from Noida to Pune, and they say thats all we can do, now you will need to get in touch with EPF office for any further queries.

However, yesterday I have raised another grievance on EPF website for Noida EPFO. Let’s see what they come back with.

Does it really take this long? Should I calm down and relax as this is normal and the transfer will happen in due course of time? Another thing to consider is this transfer request is not mine alone, the letter shows a list of 74 transfers requested by my employer. Anyways I am very frustrated with this system and department.

Thanks and Regards,


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  1. Monika says:

    Hi.. when I am trying to open my account, I am getting CLOSED CONNECTION.

    Can anyone help me on this error?

  2. nagarajuk says:

    Hi Anurag,

    Can you please confirm, if your mone is credited or not.
    My PF tranfer too has the same status as yours
    Status : Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process.
    please reply,as it will help me alot.

    thanks in advance.

  3. annu707in says:

    If this transfer has happened just with the thought of filing RTI , I owe a treat to everyone who has posted their comments here 🙂
    Let me just call and check with Pune EPFO on Monday and will surely post the outcome / development.
    Thanks again, Regards,

  4. Dear Anurag, It seems your money has arrived finally. Please check the same from EPFO Pune & update here for any development.



  5. annu707in says:

    All – Just now I checked the claim status on EPFO website for the new PF a/c opened in Pune and the status says:

    Status : Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process.

    Does this mean that the transfer is done….?? Don’t tell me it happened itself….!!!! Please give your thoughts…Anyhow I will call and check with EPFO Pune on Monday.

  6. rmohan80@gmail.com says:

    Kindly let us know how this goes…very important to a lot of readers on the outcome…could maybe redefine how such problems are handled in future!

  7. Dear Anurag, Just to add in this RTI issue, you may even post your RTI application to EPFO Noida, along with that fee of 10 Rs. Please post with a registered post.



  8. BanyanFA says:

    It is not a rocket science. Just a normal letter addressed to the RTI officer is termed as a RTI application. It needs to be accompanied with a fees which is generally 10 Rs. (in the form of Postal Order / DD payable to the company).

    Go to the EPF’s website and you shall be able to find out who is the respective person to whom the RTI application would need to be sent.


  9. annu707in says:

    Thanks BFA and Manish for RTI advice.

    However, can you please suggest what should the content of this RTI application look like? What information should I seek in this application? Is it why my transfer has not happened yet? Is this not more like a query for which I need resolution rather than seeking information?

    Please guide regarding this RTI application as I am totally unaware how and what to write in it along with how to get this received by concerned officer?


    1. Annu

      For now , please refer this : http://www.yaxislive.com/pf-epf-transfer-delayed-by-epfo-rti/

      U will get all info , I will write an article on this very soon!


  10. Yes BanyanFA

    RTI filing should do wonders in this case and all info will come up in few days !

  11. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Fellow Boarders,
    Wouldn’t filing a RTI against the respecitve EPF office be a much more effective and quicker tool ?


  12. Anand says:

    You will have to meet personally to somebody from Noida EPF office and do follow up.
    Phone calls are not sufficient.

    Do not relax. Otherwise, your transfer will never happen.

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