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I am a mutual fund investor.

How is the idea of clearing NCFM modules to claim trailing returns of own portfolio ?

I also need frank opinion about options trading .

Should I trade in options after studying them in detail or not ? Or mutual fund SIP is sufficient investment ?

It seems that options trading give better return than mutual funds.

Thanks in advance

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  1. kumar says:

    If I invest as joint investor in mutual funds with my father or mother or brother or wife as first holder and me as second holder ( EITHER or survivor ) , shall I become legally eligible for claiming trailing returns as amfi certified registered agent because I am not first holder ??

  2. kumar says:

    I am already agent of SAHARA , but never invest as my own agent.

    I go to some senior agent , tell him that company can give me this much commission , why should I invest through you.

    Then that senior agent gives me more commission than company could give to me

  3. kumar says:

    But I will be able to get trailing returns of investments done by my near & dear ones, family friends etc , as advised by ASHAL .

  4. prabeesh says:

    I believe one cannot get trail commission on once own investment in MF.I saw this question before here and that was the answer

  5. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Kumar, You may opt to clear the NCFM exam to get the trail commission for your own portfolio as well as for the investments done by your near & dear ones, family friends etc.

    Regarding your query for option trading, It’s double edged sword & enter only if you understand all the risk associated with the option trading. Don’t fool yourself for the potential high returns.



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