Endowment Policy of Max New York Life.

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I have purchased ‘Endowment to Age 60’ insurance policy of Max New York Life for my doughter when she was of 22 yrs. on18-8-2009. This was purchased through my son’s one of the friends, who was bent upon to give at least one policy in our family. I have purchased this policy thinking that the premium of the policy would be less and she will not feel any burden when she takes a job after her study. Now the premiums are paid by me. The sum insured is Rs. 4,54,025/- with personal Accident Benfit and Dread Disease riders of Rs. 1,00,000/- each. The half yearly premium is Rs. 6344.60. So far I have paid Rs. 6344 x 5 = 31720. Now after reading and listening the views on the Insurance, I feel that I am landed in wrong policy. Becuase most of the advisors recommend Term Insurance Policies and guide to avoid Unit Linked Policies. I think this policy is also a Unit Linked Policy, becuase the company has provided projection chart of earnings under three heads. 1. Guaranted 2. Non Guaranted Lower Rate( 6% p.a.) 3. Non Guaranted Higher Rate(10% p.a.). Can any body tell me whether I have done right thing? If not is there any way to correct it? or should I continue the policy? Thanks.

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  1. Dear Dilip, If you are ready to bite the bullet, dumping this policy at this stage is the best solution. Else pay one more prem. & check for paid up value.

    I’m agree with dear Manish that directing the future prem. till maturity into Eq. MFs is a better option.



  2. Dilip & Ashal

    Check the link of Max New york I gave , its clearly written that the Policy acquires the CASH VALUE (means some worth) only after 3 yrs , which will happen only once Dilip pays 6th premium .

    Dilip , I can understand your situation at the moment , loosing a large sum is really going to be a tough thing , but believe me (and also do calculate yourself) , that stopping it now and redirecting your further premiums for next remaining years (till maturity) will be able to generate more money for you compared to this policy .

    Do the maths a bit , assume that you will invest the amount equal to premiums in mutual funds at 12% for remaining years and then see if its coming more than the Policy amount or not … Any ways everything else remains same for you , pretty much ..

    Do you really want to earn paltry 4-5% over the next many years on this policy ?


  3. Dear Dilip, please check with the ins. co. what ‘ll be the surrender value if you opt to surrender after 5Y or 7Y or 10Y. accordingly, decide. In a sense, dumping it right now & forgetting the prem. is a better solution. But do check that is it possible to make this policy paid up at this stage.



  4. Dilip says:

    Dear Manish, you are right. I told the situation in which this policy was taken. After three years the cash value will be Rs. 7192/-. i.e after paying Rs.6344/- ( for the 6th instalment). If I want to opt for discontinuation, then why should I pay the 6th instalment and get back little more than that ? It is very hard dicision to go for this option as I will have to loose all the money I paid so far. Are you for taking this decision ? Will it be beneficial in the long run ? or should I continue with this ? What best options would you suggest, if I am to go for discontinuation? Thank you.

  5. Its not a ULIP , its a traditional kind of Endowment plan , even worse than ULIP

    You have got into low return , highly ILLIQUID Instrument , just have a look at the rules of the policy and see what will happen if you want to CLOSE and GET OUT at 3rd yr , 5th year and 10th year and how much you will get compared to what you have paid. you will come to know what i am trying to say


    Surely this is a NO RISK Kind of plan , but there is HUGE RISK in this plan and that is getting not less than inflation (NO REAL RETURN) over a long period .

    For your daughter , you should have invested in a equity related product which over a long term would be ALMOST NOT RISKY and have given a superior Inflation linked return .

    Right now you have paid 2.5 yrs premium , if you close it right now, you will get ZERO .

    If you pay one more premium and then surrender , it would be a better choice .


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