Emergency fund – Can it be invested in mutual fund?

POSTED BY apna bala ON December 16, 2012 11:27 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear Experts,

I am a great fan of this forum.I need to know that whether the emergency fund should be kept in just saving account or can be parked into mutual fund? if yes for mutual fund,kindly suggest one or two mutual fund … Please


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  1. apna bala says:

    Thank you so much,The Zion View & Free Financial Calculator for your views & advice.

  2. TheZionView says:

    My way of keeping EF is

    I keep extra month or two expenses(including EMIs etc ) in Savings Account. The rest of the amount goes to Liquid Funds.
    I am using JM Money Manager super has a lock in for 30 days(0.15 load) but its too short period to notice.

  3. Any liquid mutual fund which has online transaction facility. Interest rate is not important. Escorts liquid is one of the best but it does not have online facility. Most others do.

    I use Quantum liquid. Its only a 3* fund but that is not so important. Convenience is.

    Alternatively you can use a saving bank account with auto sweep facility into a FD

    Tax-wise liquid fund will come out lower.

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