ELSS-MF applied on 28/3/13

POSTED BY Suresh Agarwal ON March 28, 2013 8:57 pm ONE COMMENT


I have applied MF ELSS on 28th Mar 2013.to avail IT benefit 80C for 2012-13.

I want to know the benefit positions for the following situations

1) If units not alloted @NAV 2012-13.

2)If cheque issued not passed in 2012-13.

3)The cheque issued passed in 2012-13 but units alloted next month.

4)Units alloted in 2012-13 but cheque passed next month.

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  1. Dear Suresh, the date of actual allotment of UNITS ‘ll define the eligibility of FY. In case the units are allotted either on 28th or 29th March, FY 2012-2013 ‘ll be counted for tax benefit. In case units are allotted on or after 1st April, 2013, the applicable FY ‘ll be 2013-2014.



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