Education loan status in CIBIL record – merger of state bank of indore with SBI case

POSTED BY kaushal kumar ON April 24, 2013 6:32 pm COMMENTS (6)

I had taken education loan from State bank of Indore on 18-9-2009. In 21 Aug 2010 State bank of Indore merged into State Bank of India. I purchased my CIBIL report on 24-04-2013 and found that It contains my loan record split under the headers State bank of Indore and State bank of India. However under the state bank of Indore header “RESTRUCTURED LOAN” is mentioned next to WRITTEN OFF STATUS. There has been no case of any restructuring other than the account now being handled by state bank of India which is not on my part. So why this status is there and what does it signify.

I am paying my dues on time each month to SBI which is updated correctly under State bank of India header.

Thanks a lot a advance.

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  1. Dear Kaushal, please clear that 2K bill + penalcty charges if any without any delay. Avail no dues certificate from the bank & then file for update of the same in your CIBIl record.

    this Credit card overdue is also a reason of low score.



    1. kaushal kumar says:

      Yes, thank you sir for your kind suggestion, I will take up the matter with the bank and close it at the earliest.

  2. kaushal kumar says:

    Thankyou Ashal Sir and Dear Mr/Ms “Free financial Calculator” for responding to my query.

  3. Dear Kaushal Kumar, as your loan is running smoothly, i w’d request you to rectify this by lodging a dispute with CIBIL. what’s your CIBIL score.



    1. kaushal kumar says:

      My CIBIL score is 614. One reason for this low score as I understand is non payment of Rs. 2000 credit card bill payment which was left pending 2 years back when I left my job and went for further studies.This is yet pending and apart from this everything is perfect in my CIBIL record. I dont know if such low score is due to this non payment alone or the above stated problem of “RESTRUCTURED LOAN” is also the culprit.

  4. I think the restructuring simply refers to change of lender. Since such mergers are rare, it is likely the CIBIL report does not have a special remark for such cases.

    I think it is nothing to worry about and should not affect your credit score in any way.

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