Doubt regarding Income under Salary in the new ITR Java utility

POSTED BY Parag Kumar ON June 11, 2014 12:02 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi all,

I had a doubt regarding the latest Java utility launched by IT department this year.

Till last year, we had to fill the excel sheet for ITR-1 manually and generate xml. This year while using the Java utility when i use the pre-fill option to take all details from IT website, details of even the TDS are prefilled from the traces link i guess. For me the pre-filled section of amount deducted as TDS matches my Form 16. But the Income under Salary amount mismatches.

What should be the income in the coloumn (3) Income under Salary in the Tax Details Tab of the new ITR utility? Should it be the same as Income under head salaries ? On using the pre-fill option, i get a different amount pre-filled in this section. My understanding is that this amount should match the Income from Salary/Pension mentiond in Part B1 of Income Details Tab. Am i correct?



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  1. Syamantak says:

    pre-fill option pulls the data from Form 26AS. Does your Form26AS data match with Form16?

    in either case, you can modify the the ‘incorrect’ values coming from a pre-fill as per your Form 16 and that’s absolutely legal

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