Does this is a Right time to Invest in Gold….

POSTED BY Rahul Sureka ON June 25, 2013 10:36 am ONE COMMENT

Hi Manish, I want to know about how to invest in gold as I m little bit confused. Someone says to invest through Ril My gold plan – But for this I hve seen that at time of withdrawl Ill not get Cash i have to take delivery of Gold and there is lot of Admintrative charges also.

Investing in Gold through ETF , Buying Gold bars from bank and selling it to jewellers .

Please suggest me for above three types of investment which one is good OR if u have any other suggestion for me then Plsss let me know.

Awiting for your Feedback.

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  1. There is never an right time to invest in gold or equity or any other asset class.

    Gold like equity should only be used for long term investment. Gold like any other asset will go up and come down. Once should limit gold exposure to about 10% or so in a well diversified portfolio and use efts for Goldman Sachs gold etf for investment.

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