Does Postal MIS scheme has ceiling now?

POSTED BY Manoj Kulkarni ON November 16, 2011 10:58 am COMMENTS (2)

With recent change in postal MIS sheme, the ROI has been increased from 8 to 8.2%, while the 5% bonus on maturity is abolished. To me, MIS is less attractive now as compared to early MIS scheme. Also earlier there was a ceiling of Rs. 4.5 lacs per person on investment in MIS. Does that ceiling still continue or is it changed as I could not locate any news related to this.

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  1. Dear Manoj Kulakarni, the basic ceiling of 4.5L Rs. for an individual account & 9L Rs. for a joint account is still same. No change is there for ceiling.



  2. Manoj

    There is no change in cieling i guess, else it would have been flashed well ..


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