Do we need to Buy Health Insurance if same is provided from the employer?

POSTED BY avi ON January 18, 2011 8:36 pm COMMENTS (3)

I know this seems to a frequently asked question but here’s a twist. Think of central government servants like Railways & Army(there maybe a few more but i m sure about these two) who Already have good medical infrastruture, do these guys need to take a separate health insurance for themselves as well as for there dependents.


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  1. Sud says:

    Some people in India are working in PSU like Power Grid, BHEL etc whose medical claim is reimbursed by their employer, even to their family (dependent), be the treatment is done from Govt. or Private Hospitals/Cinics It all depends on which hospitals are in their employer’s list. Normally majority of hospitals are covered for wide variety of treatments-big or small ailments (Private or Govt). In that case, they need not take the health insurance cover from health insurance players, I believe. The employers also take care of their medical claim after retirement!

  2. The simple is to get comparison of both the policies. Check out the “exclusions” in your existing policy. If that is a serious condition, you can think of another health policy.

    Hope it will help you.

  3. Gaurang Desai says:

    Need to take separate medical plan –

    1. Wish to go for pvt medical hospitals other than those prescribed by the govt.
    2. Some Health insurance policies give lumsump amounts on diagnosis of critical illness – they do not require medical/hospital bills etc.
    3. It could be helpful to those who are paying IT – could avail 15K as deduction.

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